Friday, October 23, 2009


I search for beauty among these terrible things
today I find it picturing my child in her angel wings
imagining her sweet giggle as she flies above
watching over us, spreading her love

Though my faith has been tested by her death
sometimes it helps me to catch my next breath
imagining her dancing around pain free up there
among the rainbows, the clouds, the sun, the air

I hope she knows we feel each sweet gesture
and believe they are blessings sent down by her
helping us survive even the most terrible day
by sending others to hold our hand along the way

So fitting that this image be
and one bringing such happy solace to me
for on the very day she was deceased
we Catholics mark The Guardian Angels Feast

So fly sweet little girl of mine
and down from Heaven let your spirit shine
through happy moments that help us find our smile
and the kindness of others along this grieving mile
~Kristin Binder

A huge Thank You to Lea at the Angel Wings Memorial Boutique
for surprising me with these beautiful wings
created out of love in Peyton's honor.


  1. Beautiful! Thinking of Peyton and you!

  2. Beautiful poem and beautiful angel wings!

  3. I love your poem... it is truly beautiful!
    Lea is such a sweetheart... I was very shocked when she made wings for Freja... Knowing that someone out there so fresh in her own grief went the extra mile to remember and honor my daughter brought me to tears! I feel so lucky to have made such wonderful friends on here. I just wish it wasn't such tragedy that brought us all together.

  4. What a lovely poem. Thinking of you and your wee Peyton. (((Hugs))) Have you contacted Morning Light Ministry? They'll send you the most beautiful prayer card of Jesus holding a baby and verses and a spot where you fill in their name. Plus religious medals and beads to make a name bracelet. I think I'm going to cry my eyes out on that feast day. My Latina girlfriends said the first day is also marked in Mexico as Day of the Dead, with the first of that being for Los Angelitos, the little angel babies and children. (((Hugs)))

  5. The poem is just lovely. These wings are so precious. I LOVE picturing our babies as angels in Heaven, it is so comforting. Lea did some for Jenna Belle and it was incredibly sweet.

    I wanted to let you know that I can do a Hope Collage for your precious Peyton. Just let me know what words remind you of her and I would be honored to do one for her memory if you would like.


  6. Peyton's wings are lovely. It's beautiful to think our babies soar with angels, isn't it? I feel such a strong presence from Peyton's pictures, I just know she is spreading those wings and embracing you in love. I'm not sure why I am so drawn to Peyton, only a feeling that I am supposed to be. I hope it's a sign from my Calvin that he is with her and wants me to know her. Sounds kinda kooky doesn't it? Sigh, having been through the very worst of times, I'm willing to believe in anything that will lead me to my son again. But I also think he leads me to others, like you and Peyton, that maybe our babies bring us to each other to help comfort and understand each other as women and bereaved mothers. Thinking of you

  7. Peyton's wings are beautiful and so is the poem.