Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook

Virginia Tech.

Horror stories that feel a world away. You weep for the families, you watch the coverage, but you think, "That could never happen. Not here. Not where I grew up. Not in my back yard."

And then it does.

Sandy Hook Elementary School was just a few miles from my childhood home. A short drive from the ice cream shop I would frequent after dance lessons. Nearby the movie theater where I went on some of my first dates.


If you can't safely send your kids to school in Newtown, Connecticut--there is no safe place left.

Prayers to the victims. Their families. To the heroes. The community. To our state. To the first responders. To the littles who have forever lost their innocence at the hands of a man so selfish and full of evil that he could steal these 27 people from our world.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

For My Little Butterfly

I did not write this poem.
I don't actually know who did.
I just know that a friend who loves Peyton dearly shared it with me today,
and it really touched my heart.

If anyone knows who wrote this poem,
please let me know.

Peyton girl, this one is for you. xoxo

“Butterflies are Free”

I thought I saw a butterfly,
Flying in the sky.
The colors were so beautiful,
It made me want to cry.

I know you were the butterfly,
So beautiful and free.
No more pain and tears for you,
Cause butterflies are free.

Free to watch the children,
Playing in the sun.
Smiling, laughing, growing,
Always having fun.

They will see the butterfly,
In the sky above.
They will smile and laugh and sing,
They will feel your love.

A day will come when in the sky,
There will be two butterflies.
We’ll fly together you and me,
Cause butterflies are free.