Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two years

Today marks two years since my rainbows came into the world.

Two years of laughter and love and sleepless nights and joy and tantrums and learning and teaching and all the wonderment that is parenting.

I have been so very, very blessed.

Today also marks two years since I last blogged here on a regular basis. 
I think of this space often, but life has a way of getting in the way of my writing, and right now, here, in this moment, is where I need to be.

That doesn't mean that I miss Peyton any less, of course, or that I don't think of this community every day. It's just that my heart and mind are in the moment, and that moment is a blessing to be taken in.

There have been so many changes over these last two years. So many milestones. Even as they pertain to how we remember Peyton, the kids' relationship with her is ever evolving. They say, "Bye Baby" when we wave to her grave now, and smile at her picture. I even think I heard Bubba call her "Peytey" one time. 

I feel so blessed by the incredible amount of love and healing that my Snowflakes have brought my heart. They've reminded me that life can be truly beautiful. Even a life once so broken down by grief as mine was.

Two years ago they came into my world and changed me forever.

They shined light in the darkness. Taught my heart to beat again. They are my world, my reason, my all.

They are, in a word, LOVE.

So here is to you my little Snowflakes, on the occasion of turning two.
You make me so proud and teach me new lessons every day. I wish for you a Happy Birthday and may many blessings be upon you always.

I love you xoxo