Tuesday, October 27, 2009


babom-bom-babom Can you hear it?
babom-bom-babom It wakes me without warning.
babom-bom-babom My eyes are thrown open,
babom-bom-babom shades drawn to this new world.
babom-bom-babom It's dark, not yet light out.
babom-bom-babom The panic comes creeping.
babom-bom-babom Is it the cause, or the effect?
babom-bom-babom I never quite know.
babom-bom-babom My chest shakes, I can't stop it.
babom-bom-babom My body no longer keeps time,
babom-bom-babom in this new reality,
babom-bom-babom where nothing ever feels "right."
babom-bom-babom An ever present reminder,
babom-bom-babom that something is missing.
babom-bom-babom My body is different.
babom-bom-babom I am different.
babom-bom-babom Changed organically.
babom-bom-babom Baby do you hear it?
babom-bom-babom That beat that my heart is missing.
babom-bom-babom Gone with your last breath.
babom-bom-babom My sweet child, that's you.
~Kristin Binder


  1. What a sweet poem! Are you writing all of these that your posting? If so, you are very good at it. I wish I could express myself this way. *HUGS*

  2. This is just beautiful. *hugs* to you

  3. Blue Sparrow. Yes I do write the poems myself. It is a huge outlet for my grief. Many times my intention is to detail my day but but I find myself writing poetry instead. Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Your poems always capture me. Thank you for sharing them, really!!!!

  5. Kristin that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your pain so honestly. As much as you are doing it for you, you are helping me down my own road to acceptance. Hugging you