Monday, November 30, 2009

Father Time...

Why must you mock me Father Time?
I know you are no friend of mine.
You rush me from my baby girl,
with each rotation of this world.
And, yet, my future dreams hold still.
No forward movement is fulfilled.
I wonder if you plan the ways,
through seconds, moments, hours, and days
to slow me down on thoughts of grief,
and speed through moments of belief?
That something better is to come,
that this battle can, indeed, be won.
That maybe in some future space,
a genuine smile will claim this face,
as in my arms I hold a child,
whose future has not been defiled.
By Disease. Infection. Despair.
A child whose shot at life is fair.
But until then, I tick away,
day after repeat grueling day,
knowing time since I held her won't slow.
With each tick-tock, more of her will go.
To be lost to the weakness of memory.
I can feel her drifting out from me.
Your cruel visits come with each hour's chime.
How dare they call you "Father" Time?
No man whose loved or held his heir,
could turn his back on this despair.
I beg you, make this cycle cease,
Please speed through pain. Please slow on peace.
~Kristin Binder


  1. Hi, lovely lady. It was a pleasure to see you, yesterday.

    What a beautiful, heart-tugging poem.

    I despise the injustice in this world. But stay strong-- sometimes it takes a while before we can finally witness some peace in our lives. It took me about 23 years for a remote sense of it. And by that time, I couldn't believe it was happening but it was.

    I predict that it will take much less than 23 years for you to experience yours. Within the next two years, good things will come to those who wait and do good works for this planet. Therefore, keep doing what you are doing and be open to receive it all...

  2. Kristin, I love your poems. I can't wait until the day I am reading your poetry about the child you hold in your arms. I know it's hard and that it hurts. Please don't give up....Hugs

  3. Wow Kristin, that was really beautiful and your words here really ring true for me. I have spoken often of how time feels like it's passing in miles instead of minutes. You really have a talent with words. *HUGS*

  4. Your words always touch my heart.

    Big hugs to you...

  5. Kristin, I could have written this, only you said it so eloquently. I have often viewed "Father" time as a thief that takes me farther and farther away from her. Wishing I could say something to sooth your breaking heart. Sending you big HUGS!


  6. This is really a good poem about time. You always write so beautifully.

  7. You have such a gift of words. Have you always had it or was it something Petyon gave you? Either way, I hope your writing brings as much peace to you as it does to all of us.

  8. beautifully written, and my sentiments exactly..hugs!

  9. Always a Momma, I am so inspired by you!

    Love your writing work.

    You need to take baby steps towards considering surrogacy. I have a friend (a gestational surrogate) and I... will walk you through so you can feel comfortable and learn...

    Consider the possibility. My miracles are via the miracle of surrogacy (though traditional).

    I will connect you to my friend, who has carried 3 sets of GS twins and 1 singleton, plus has 1 set of twins and a fabulous daughter, who she is parenting. She is very experienced and can give you the surro side and I, the Intended Mother side.

    When you are ready. If you need us. She has seen your site. You've got my email.

    the grey lady...