Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ornament Info

Just  a quick post here. So many of you had commented about the adorable ornament that I had offered for my first blog giveaway, asking if there was any way for you to contact the artist and buy one for yourself. I wasn't sure, since mine was purchased at a local craft fair, but I promised that if I found any contact info I would share it with you. Good news, I got a call today with the following info.

If you would like to order one, send an email to Allison at beadsprout@yahoo.com. My understanding from the woman who provided me with this email is that quantities are fairly limited. I hope this helps.

**I should mention I didn't speak with Allison directly, but instead to the woman who ran the show, so unfortunately I can't make any guarantees about Allison's schedule, turnaround time, availability etc. But I do hope she gets back to you all, and that you are able to get the ornaments.


  1. Thanks so much, Kristin. My email is on it's way to her.

  2. Thank you for the info!! I surprised myself with how disappointed I was not to win this giveaway. Something about that little ornament touched me :) I hope I can get one!!


  3. Thank you so much! I just emailed her :)