Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The Spring Issue of Exhale is up!

I encourage you to check out all of the wonderful essays, poems, and artwork that this issue has to offer. I am sure you will recognize many of the contributors' names from this community. 

If you are interested in reading my essay, Sharing My Fears on Grief's Roller Coaster, you can click here.

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  1. yeah hoo for the publication.. and a very heartfelt one at that. I loved it.. every second..feeling well... it all with you and for you - Brandy

  2. I will check it out!

    I love seeing the joy on your face in those pictures. I know it's tempered forever by's such a strange and complicated thing, isn't it?

    We have our "big" ultrasound on Wednesday and I am full of all kinds of emotions. Just love to see you so close to the "end" and keep coming back to see pics of their beuatiful faces!