Sunday, January 31, 2010


How can I sum up all that you meant to me? If I gathered all the words of every tongue spoken in this world, would I find the right ones to properly describe the change you have instilled in me? Would I do justice to your life? To all you went through? To all you have meant to me? In this world, so limited, do the right words even exist?

I would like to send a huge thank you out to Franchesca for creating from so much pain, something so beautiful. Thank you Franchesca for helping me honor Peyton with this collage. There is no way to properly describe what it feels like to know that another mother has taken time out from her own grief, to create a tribute for your child. This gift has really touched my heart.

I encourage everyone to check out the great work Franchesca is doing over at Abiding Hope Collages.

I remember when Franchesca first offered to make me this collage a few months back, well, the task felt overwhelming. How could I possibly come up with the right words? In seeing them displayed here, these words, though not all that I am feeling in my heart about my daughter, do bring me a sense of peace.

James Earl Jones once said,
"One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter."

I invite you all to leave a comment, with a word, or two, or more, that sums up your current journey (loss, infertility, life). Good, bad, happy, sad, grateful, angry, it doesn't matter. Find a word that fits how you are feeling now. Get it out there.

I know. Sounds impossible right?

Give it a try. Who knows? Maybe getting out even just one (or some) of the words your heart needs to utter will bring you the same sense of peace/moment of relief that seeing the words on this collage brought to me.


  1. I am so glad to be able to do this for you, Kristin.

    my word for my feelings right now would have to be lost. I just feel lost without her right now.

    Thinking of you xx

  2. It's a beautiful way to honour your precious girl. Franchesca is a wonderful woman. And how I'm feeling?
    But it will pass.
    Thinking of you xxx

  3. Peytons collage is beautiful. She does an amazing job. I love the one that she done for me.

    That is really hard trying to think of the words to sum everything up. I think the amin thing is lonely. I have always felt kind of alone but now i really realise what that word actually means.

  4. My words would have to be loved and spoiled. After what seems like a lifetime of abusive relationships it feels so good to know that this IS the best time of my life!

  5. I love your collage! It feels so wonderful to see their name, isn't it?

    The world that has been swirling in my heart and mind lately, is broken. I just feel so broken.

  6. my abiding hope collage from franchesca is one of my treasured keepsakes for our Cadynce.

    My word (well words) today would be broken and angry. after my miscarriage last week i feel like i am back to square one in my grieving.

  7. Peyton's collage is so beautiful and I'm so glad Franchesca does these for so many!

    Joy. Sorrow. Love.

  8. Lonely, exhausted, empty.

    Peyton's collage seems to fit her beauty so well Kristin, such wonderful words for such a wonderful girl.

  9. I have too many words to desribe me lately...angry, frustrated, sad, heartbroken...

    I love the collage, its beautiful.

  10. I too thought the same thing, but I am glad that I did it as well. She does beautiful work!