Monday, January 25, 2010

Please send your love and prayers...

Some time ago, I came across a link through another blogger to the caringbridge page of a brave little girl named Adrianna. Like so many others, I began praying for this little girl and her family, cheering her on for a miracle. Adrianna's story, and that of her incredibly strong parents, has really resonated with me. Like Peyton, this brave little girl has been unfairly forced into battle with cancer. Like us, her parents have been unfairly forced into watching their daughter suffer.

Adrianna's mother wrote a post tonight that hit me like a ton of bricks. Before I could stop them, tears were flowing. She wrote: "Please grant her a miracle or let her go to live with you, in peace...We don't want to watch her suffer anymore." 

These words were especially difficult to read, because they immediately brought me back to a moment not long ago. A moment where I sat on my bed, crying to the crucifix on my wall, desperately begging God through tears to please do the same for my sweet Peyton. "If you won't let us keep her," I would scream, "Please take her quickly. She's already suffered so much. Please, please take her quickly."

It breaks my heart to see another family going through this level of devastation and loss. To be forced into a situation where it is so painful to watch what your child is going through, that you actually ask God to take her. I will never understand why so many families have to watch their children suffer and die. Never.

Adrianna has taken a turn for the worse and I ask any readers of this blog to please keep her in your hearts for a miracle tonight, and as you do, please remember her parents in your hearts for strength as well. Strength to endure whatever it is that the morning may bring.

Here is a link to her site:


  1. My heart is breaking for this family. I remember being there too.


  2. Of course I will pray. I remember that desperate prayer. The prayer of a mother torn in that wants more than anything to keep her child, but is having her heart ripped from her chest watching her suffer.

  3. I have learned that there are somethings in this world that defy logic. They just don't make sense... that no matter how much we pray that mircle never comes. But I have also learned that God listens & is there in the darkness.

    Perhaps the most profound thing that I've learned is prayer does not change God, but us.

    Prayers going out for out.


  4. I'll be praying too.. I said the same prayer with Ella, "if you aren't going to make her better, please take her soon.." I remember praying that and saying out loud was the hardest thing I've ever said or thought...I think it just shows the love that we have for our children, how real and strong it is..

  5. Thinking of Adrianna and her family. I remember watching the doctors treating my daughter and wishing they would just stop and let her go in peace.x

  6. I will have Adriana and her in family in my prayers. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

  7. I'm so glad that you posted this blog. What a sweet, beautiful girl she was. I'm so sad to hear that she has passed but so relieved that her suffering is over. I'm just in tears after looking at her pictures. Sweet, sweet baby. :(

  8. i could never imagine what you have gone through...or what Adrianna's parents are currently going through. this is so heartbreaking to know that a innocent child enters the world and suffers so much...and the parents can do nothing but just give love. its not fair!
    thank you for sharing her story with us...i will keep Adrianna and her family in my prayers.