Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shakespeare, Stars, And Show & Tell

"  And when (s)he shall die, Take (her) and cut (her) out in little stars, And (s)he will make the face of heaven so fine, That all will be in love with night, And pay no worship to the garish sun."   

~Romeo & Juliet


Thank you so much to Amanda, Ireland's Momma, for honoring Peyton by writing her name in the stars. And thank you to Mr. Shakespeare, for writing a passage that, though intended to honor a boy named Romeo, has really resonated with me while thinking of my little one. Especially at times like tonight, when I stare up at the heavens missing her, and imagine all the ways her sweet soul is adding beauty to the night sky. 

I miss you so much baby girl. Now, more than ever.

To see what others are showing and telling, visit Mel's show and tell here. 


  1. What a beautiful way to remember Peyton's shining light.

  2. Dear Peyton,
    You have an amazing, beautiful, loving and infused with God's love mommy...but you already know that don't you!

    Kristin...thanks for the comment...have missed reading your blog..and writing on my own. Hospice is consuming but in a good way...Love to see Doing Good In Her Name. Helping others is truly God's love for Peyton shining through you and your husband. We too started a non profit after Emma passed away. It is a humbling beautiful journey. I am forever, forever thankful to God for all the people He has placed into my show me His love.. and through your story, you are one of those people.

  3. Perfect quote for your beautiful girl, and the picture is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful.
    Love to you as always.

  5. Amanda did a very good job. That picture is beautiful.


  6. I love Amanda's pictures she creates!

  7. Peyton makes the Heaven's even more spectacular!

  8. Beautiful image and words.
    To remember a beautiful daughter. xo

  9. What a beautiful rememberance!

  10. What a lovely, simple post.

    The anniversary of my mother's death is in 5 days honey. I will be honoring her... I honored her in my blog this week.

    I think you are amazing.

    Keep moving forward. P is watching down upon you. Some of my followers on my blog have had incredible amount of loss, like you and me... and one is the woman who gave birth to little J, the son we were to adopt.

    It is so hard. She and I are tied by the heart for the love of a boy. A boy who lived 36 hours...

    It's still hard, years and years later. You are DOING GOOD.

    Moving forward.

    Keep it going.

    Sending you zillions of huge and a universe of love.

    The Grey Lady

  11. She does such a great job with these.

  12. Perfect for Peyton...(HUG) She truly is a star burst....XXXX As are you sweet are you.

  13. Shakespeare had such a way with words...Beautiful.

  14. I love the Shakespeare's quote very much. Sweet quote.