Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank you ANGIE at Still Life with Circles

Just a quick note here. I wanted to send out a huge Thank You to Angie for the beautiful donations she sent to Doing Good In Her Name. Check them out here. Angie, your generosity humbles me, and has touched my heart. I am so grateful. Thank you!


  1. I am sitting here, lump in my throat and falling in love with you Peyton. I have an Elizabeth and I love that name....never known loss. but wanted to let you know I am so touched by you and your family.

  2. Please do not thank me. It was our pleasure. My husband and I are glad to have the means and excitement to help. We didn't get to buy these things for our own daughter this year, and were comforted to think that maybe our small contribution might ease the load of a family facing their own crisis. xo