Friday, September 16, 2011

Peyton's Birthday and the 13th Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo

Has your Rainbow hit a milestone this week?
Starred in a cute video?
Done something adorable? Funny? Downright embarrassing?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, 
than you have come to the right place!

Welcome to the Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo, a place to celebrate the amazing children who have come into our lives after loss, and to strengthen our bond as a community of Rainbow parents.

Every Friday we can gather here to share our little ones' triumphs, brag like the proud parents that we are, and yes ... even own up to our epic fails in parenting (all in good fun of course) via links to our own blogs with posts about any and everything Rainbow from the week.

Feel free to grab the button from the sidebar and help spread the word. Let's bring this Rainbow parenting community together.

I will go first...

First Time Celebrating Peyton's Birthday

So this is actually from last week, at Peyton's Birthday, but it was a first for the Snowflakes so I decided to include it in the rodeo. You may recall that last year, Peyton's birthday was anything but peaceful. I had started to bleed at the cemetery, which set off seven months of bedrest. Needless to say, this year was MUCH nicer...

For Peyton's birthday, my husband and father turned Peyton's spot from this:

Into this:

Isn't it beautiful!

Here are a few shots of them hard at work...

After the garden had been updated, we wrote messages for Peyton and got ready for our yearly balloon release...

We decided to do things a little differently this time. We wanted The Snowflakes to participage, so we handed them the balloons and let them decide when they would let go.

Squeaks is as impatient as her mother. She let go right away...

Bubba took a little more time, and released them one by one...

But finally, off they went...

I don't know what age The Snowflakes will be when realize what this ceremony is all about, but I do know that Peyton was smiling down on us that day, happy to have her siblings here safely to help celebrate.

In other news, the babies have started to sit up unassisted (though after a bit they topple over) and have learned to steal toys from one another, find a high decibel range and hang out there for far-too-long, and to cry if they feel the other one is getting too much attention. I guess even cute babies have their days...

To end on a happy note...

Bubba wears his ear infection medicine well...

And Fashionista Squeaks says 'Sweet Potatoes are all the rage this season.'

So... that is what Bubba and Squeaks
have been up to this week...

What have your rainbows been doing?

Wanna know how you can participate? 
It's easy! Just write a post on your own blog about what your Rainbow(s) has been up to this week, and then add the link to that post in the Linky widget below. 

A side note: As a way to honor her third birthday, I have entered the Reader's Digest "Your Life" Contest with an entry about my experience mothering Peyton. The voting is open until November 1st, and you can vote once a day. It would mean a great deal to me to get Peyton's story in Reader's Digest. Can you please help me out by visiting this link and casting your vote for my entry. Thank you so much!


  1. Oh my goodness, it's been SO long since I've checked in on your blog. Your babies are so precious! I love this post on Peyton's birthday. :)

  2. So very special - what a beautiful place for Peyton. xoxo

  3. Peyton's spot is so beautiful! And I just loved the celebration! I do well remember what happened on her birthday last year. You fought the good fight & the Snowflakes are here this year to participate! xoxo

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this special day with us! Bubba is the happiest baby with an ear infection I have EVER seen and squeaks is merely trying organic measures to keep her skin youthful and healthy! You are truly blessed with three GORGEOUS children!! HUGS friend!

  5. Such a beautiful celebration. I remember how scary last year was : ( So happy that you were all there to celebrate with Peyton. I love her garden.