Thursday, September 8, 2011

12th Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo

Has your Rainbow hit a milestone this week?
Starred in a cute video?
Done something adorable? Funny? Downright embarrassing?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, 
than you have come to the right place!

Welcome to the Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo, a place to celebrate the amazing children who have come into our lives after loss, and to strengthen our bond as a community of Rainbow parents.

Every Friday we can gather here to share our little ones' triumphs, brag like the proud parents that we are, and yes ... even own up to our epic fails in parenting (all in good fun of course) via links to our own blogs with posts about any and everything Rainbow from the week.

Feel free to grab the button from the sidebar and help spread the word. Let's bring this Rainbow parenting community together.

I will go first...

Teething and Sleeplessness and Ear Infections - Oh My!

It's been an interesting week. 
A long and interesting week.
It's rained every day and we have been dealing with teething and sleeplessness and ear infections. Needless to say, the snowflakes have been a bit grumpalicious. Luckily, putting them into their Yankees outfits was enough to cheer them up. I just love the way that they pal around with one another.... Hope you enjoy the pics... even you Red Sox fans out there :)

So... that is what Bubba and Squeaks
have been up to this week...

What have your rainbows been doing?

Wanna know how you can participate? 
It's easy! Just write a post on your own blog about what your Rainbow(s) has been up to this week, and then add the link to that post in the Linky widget below. 

A little side note.
As many of you know, I submitted a story about Peyton to Reader's Digest. Voting is a big component in how they decide which story they will publish. Would you please take a moment to vote for my story by clicking here? You can vote once per day. Thank you so much for helping me!


  1. Oh that last photo is super adorable!! I love it!

  2. Teething and sleeplessness. 10 months later and I am still feeling it. I think it ends when they go off to College (well not the teething part).

    Love the outfits.

    Congrats on your story...I will vote. Good luck.

  3. Those outfits are adorable. Bubba and Squeaks are truly adorable. Love those yummy cheeks and super smiles.

    Hopefully, the sun will come out this weekend.

  4. Yep, my first thoughts were "They are ADORABLE!!!" They are awesome pics Kristin. Such beautiful little butterballs! Love em. Give em a squishy hug from me. xx

  5. This past week my Rainbow Baby started PRESCHOOL! Oh my Lawdy.

  6. Very nice pictures, they like theyr clothes, sport fans. They are the real fans of Yankees. Best regards !