Thursday, April 22, 2010

No More Miss Mopey Schmopey... well not today...

Okay, so like I said in yesterday's post, each day I write my truth, and today my truth is that I don't feel like being a Miss Mopey Schmopey because I took a look outside and saw so many beautiful changes happening, changes that I sometimes lose sight of when I am being Miss Mopey Schmopey, and  those changes are what I want to focus on today. Will Miss Mopey Schmopey return tomorrow? I'm not sure. But as for right now, she's taken the day off.

Spring has sprung into full swing here. The trees off my deck are starting to bloom...

And even Charlotte is really enjoying the sunlight... although her idea of enjoying the sunlight is to lay in the brightest spot of the deck, overheat, come in, drink some water, pant against the cool floor, then go back out and repeat. I don't know that it would be my idea of fun, but hey... who am I to judge?

Something that really struck me was the transformation of the area around our mailbox. Last year I had written about it being just overrun with weeds and neglected, like a beacon to all our neighbors that we had stopped living. I wrote about it in a past post called, "Another Manifestation of My Grief, AKA How I Let My Gardens Go To Pot."

Last year it had looked like this...

And after much hard work had come to look like this...

**Disregard the date...I don't know how to fix that on my camera

I didn't think about the garden much after that. The fall came, then the winter with its cold days and nights, but today I noticed, like really noticed, that the sporadic plantings of last fall have grown into something beautiful.

This is how that area looks today....

I guess it just goes to show that even when we feel like nothing is changing, even when we feel like each day is exactly the same as the last and that there hasn't been any forward momentum or growth, there has been. And that is something to be celebrated.


  1. And today you are just where you need to be.

    Your garden is blooming lovely!


  2. I love the pictures (can't figure the date out on my camera either!) but I love what you wrote more--even when we don't feel like the changes are happening, they are...and can be beautiful!

    Celebrating with (and praying for) you!!!

  3. beautiful picture (the last one with all the flowers)... and your doggy is pretty cute too- and has a nice name *wink*

    I just got home from the post office- I sent off a box of donations for 'doing good in her name'.. hope you get them soon! my guess is 5-10 days!

    I'm glad you're not having a Mrs Mopey schmopey day! Days like this are good!

  4. I love the sentiment. I love the pictures. And, I am so glad you are having a good day.

  5. Your garden is looking beautiful. Glad that Charlotte is enjoying the sunshine, she's so cute!

    It is horrible to feel 'stuck', sometimes I feel as though I've made no progress at all over the last nineteen months. But, when I look back, I think I might have. x

  6. What beautiful flowers! I especially like that lovely purple colour. I have a black dog also - her name is Meg, and she loves to sunbathe too! I am so glad you are having a better day today. Good days take courage, too.

  7. good for you, i am glad you have found a beautiful place to be today and it is beautiful, with all those gorgeous spring flowers and what a shiny happy dog! make the most of it i say!! xxx hugs, anne

  8. I love the flowers. I live in a place where tulips do not bloom because it's warm all year. I sure do miss them. I'm glad that you are having a good day! I hope you have another one tomorrow.

  9. Yay for a fresh and lovely day!

    Your garden is lush and lovely and it's a sign of something good to come for you. When things like this happen, through no particular strenuous effort, that's what it means to me :).

    And Charlotte. My gosh, she is such a cutie pie!

  10. well done!!!!
    Congratulations, keep it up, so proud of you.
    I guess i hurt you with my last comment. I am sorry for doing that, for writting those words, but if that comment helped somehow with this new attitude, then i am happy. I can feel, now, when you are writting all those words, that you are different, you are happier, inside and out.
    You go girl, you can do it, you have all my support for being happy inside and out. I bet if you keep going like this everything will change.
    Be happy today, for all the small things that are happening around you.
    Love, hugs and sweet sweeet kisses

  11. So beautiful!!! What I really love is how nature gives us hope when nothing else can. How a sunset can take your breath away when you are right in the doldrums. See, that's God right there. Not sure why, but I have tears in my eyes now.

  12. I am so happy to hear that you are having a better day today. Your flowers are beautiful. I pray that you continue to have days like this , I am here for you!

  13. God is always near you, just know that when you feel sad he is still holding your hand. And those flowers are just a reminder Keeping you in my thoughts.

  14. Just stopping by alwaysamomma...

    love the garden. you are blooming. you just don't know it yet. you will find your path and it will unfold and bloom just like the flowers in your yard.

    hugs, the grey lady

  15. Your last paragraph is very touching. Everybody deserves a day not to feel like Miss Mopey Schmopey - enjoy every moment of it!

  16. Oh wow sweetheart! I started crying when I saw the purple and yellow flowers...oh know what they mean to me. ((HUG)) I know you didn't plant them with ME in mind...but, I wanted to tell you how much they mean to me. I'm so pleased to see such beauty growing around you...It makes me want to step up and live again.

  17. I love the flowers that are blooming!