Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just * So * Exhausted

Since starting this blog in May of 2009, I don't think I have ever gone this long without a post. I cannot appropriately put into words the whirlwind that has been these last two weeks, but here is the Reader's Digest version. The important things to note are that the Snowflakes are fine (I am 30 weeks along now) and things are hopefully going to improve.

(Pardon any typos or incoherence, I am exhausted...)

WED. 12/22 - I woke up to the smell of gasoline in my house and thought it was from some generators being used outside to cut a neighbor's trees down. I left the house to rest at a local friend's, just to be on the safe side until hubs got home, and returned later to find that our house had completely filled with even stronger fumes. This, of course, completely freaked me out because there are links between gas fumes and cancer and you know where my mind was going there...

It turns out our snowblower had cracked overnight in the garage, spilling gasoline. I was not able to return home for several more hours as we had to air the house out, windows open (it was about 15 degrees out at the time.)

This day was also a day hubs was supposed to meet with my mother and bring some Doing Good In Her Name donations to one of our local hospitals. We called my mom to let her know that hubs was on his way, and she informed us that she had a stomach flu and was too sick. We also decided at this point that Christmas would have to be postponed until she felt better. Not able to go back in the house, and unable to go down to my parent's to escape the fumes, hubs and I went for a drive to kill some time which was hard because I was very uncomfortable. When we were finally able to get back into our house, I received word that my cousin Erica's daughter Faith had lost her battle at 2 years and 2 months old to congenital heart disease. The news was devastating.

FRI. 12/24/10
Hubs was getting out of bed and accidentally knocked over a lamp in our bedroom breaking a light bulb. Big deal, you might say, but unfortunately it turned out to be one. We had used one of those new CFL energy efficient squiggly light bulbs in that lamp, and what neither of us knew, is that when you break one there is an 11 step cleanup process required by the EPA to rid your house of dangerous mercury vapor. Of course I was sitting right there when the light bulb broke, and neither of us knew until I googled it, that we should have immediately evacuated and ventilated the room before starting cleanup (Hubs had gone about gathering the broken glass the old fashioned way.)

Per instructions by poison control he cleaned up the mess, but we were told then that because it had been broken on carpet, there would be no way to fully clean the mercury without removing our wall to wall carpeting and replacing it... GREAT. I am all for saving the environment - I donate to land groups. I recycle. That being said, there are no words for how pissed off I feel at the expense that we have had to undergo this last week over a broken 50 cent light bulb.

I called my OB and informed him of my exposure to the mercury vapor, and he told me to come in a few days later to have my blood mercury levels checked to be sure the babies hadn't been harmed.

SAT. 12/24 -Christmas postponed due to mom's illness. Our family celebrates Christmas Eve, so this was a real bummer. Hubs and I spent two sleepless nights in our guest bedroom. I always thought this bed was fairly comfortable, and maybe it is normally, but when pregnant with twins, it is just not getting the job done.

SUN. 12/25 - Merry Christmas. Headed down to see my parents and some family friends, and to get away from my mercury biohazard house since I wasn't allowed to go into my bedroom still. The state's EPA had recommended pregnant women staying away for "several days." We had a nice Christmas Day and finally a good night's sleep.

MON. 12/26 - Hubs left me at my parent's house and headed back to ours with my brother in law to move all the furniture out of our bedroom and rip up the affected carpeting. They came back to my parents house that evening and our family ate spaghetti and meatballs (the kind of meatballs you get in a bag from your grocery store). Not me, I ate spaghetti - no meatballs. Same goes for my sister. This is relevant. Hubs started to not feel too well overnight.

TUES. 12/27 - Hubs wakes up non stop vomiting. Can't hold anything down. I go downstairs to find my brother in law, niece, and nephew, all of whom ate the same thing, are also non stop sick. My sister has a broken leg, so she sort of had her hands tied being stuck on the couch, and my parent's weren't home (my mother had a funeral to attend for a former co-worker.) I did my best to help out, and most especially to get help to hubs, but as you all know I have been on bedrest for four months, and so every trip up and down the stairs is agony.

I called the doctor who tells me I have to get hubs to the ER. I have no way to do this on bedrest, and try to reach my parents. No luck. Hubs continues to be violently ill. I start leaking what I believe to be fluid. My niece starts projectile vomiting. My brother, who is trying to get his strength to drive hubs to the ER can't move, and is laid out on the ground like a wounded soldier.

You get the picture.
This was NOT a pretty scene.

I checked on hubs who was sheet white, and decided to call an ambulance to get him. Luckily, just as I was doing this, my mother walked in the door and was able to take him to an urgent care center closer to their home. For the next two hours, hubs was given over 2 liters of fluids to replenish him. Luckily no one else needed to be brought in for fluids.

We will never know for sure what caused the illness, but I think I am staying off frozen meatballs permanently just in case.

WED. 12/28 My mom takes me to the OB to have an appointment. Both snowflakes are head down - yay! and I have my blood drawn for the mercury test. I don't know how he finds the energy for it, but hubs and my dad head back up to our house and start to install hardwood floors in our bedroom. They stay overnight.

THUR. 12/29 We attend Faith's wake. It was absolutely beautiful. The strength my cousin displayed throughout the day leaves me in awe. I am two years into my grief, and remember how those early days felt, and honestly, I don't know how she does what she does. She amazes me. The wake was beautiful but I started to have some really terrible contractions. At around 6:30 I asked my mother to take me home. By the time we got home, I started getting sick from the contractions. I took a warm shower, hoping that would ease my muscles (I figured I overdid it being at the funeral) and know the water was warm but I was freezing. I step out of the shower to find that my hands are turning blue. I am totally freezing. I crawl into bed and everything hurts - my hair, my eyes, my teeth. I spike a fever of 101 and stay there for the next two days, too sick to even attend Faith's funeral on Friday, which is devastating for me. The fever made me really sick, I couldn't keep anything down. I asked the OB if he thought it was a stomach bug and he said no, that vomiting etc is my pregnant body's reaction to the fever. He tells me he thinks that I have picked up the flu.

Again, where is that bubble for me to live in when I need it?

FRI. 12/31 & SAT. 1/1 A bit of a blur. I do know hubs woke me up to have me see the ball drop. Finally, sometime between Saturday and Sunday, my fever breaks.

SUN. 1/2 I was feeling pretty good but still unable to eat anything. Hubs headed back home to our house to try to get the hardwood floors in the bedroom and upstairs hallway done so I could come home. Sunday night I started having contractions every five minutes. I tell the babies this is not time for them to come - our house is a catastrophe - there is furniture in every room that has been moved around to make room for the hardwood floors, and we had a new washer and dryer which hubs was supposed to be able to have installed on his week off (obviously didn't happen because of the other things going on) that are taking up the center of our living room. I tell them that I am going to sleep, and if they need me to wake me up, but it would really be better for everyone involved if they could hang out a little longer.

MON. 1/3 I wake up completely surprised to find that I have not gone into labor over night. Hubs calls to say that he is finishing up the floor, and should get me by 2PM. 2 comes, 3 comes, 4 comes. At 7PM I get a call that goes like this:

Hubs: Remember that time when I sawed through my toe?
Me: You mean when we were camping?
Hubs: Yeah.
Me: Yeah I remember... why?
Hubs: Well, I did that again. Just this time with my hand. I think I need to go to the ER.

Yeah, four stitches and a tetanus shot later, hubs came to get me from my parents house. We finally got home at around 10:30PM. We went to bed in the guest room (still no furniture in the bedroom) and I didn't sleep at all. Apparently 30 weeks is when you completely cease being able to breathe or get comfortable with twins.

TUES. 1/4 Exhausted all day but hopeful that things are turning up.

TODAY - Woke up with a painful sinus infection.

I give up!

PS -  A LITTLE HOUSEKEEPING NOTE: If you have been following my dear friend Birni's story at the blog All The Little Ponies, and have noticed taht you can no longer access it, please send her a note at and she will add you as a follower. Because of some IRL drama, Birni has had to go private, but she would still love those in this community to be able to follow along.


  1. Oh my goodness!! And I thought our small bout of stomach bug during NYE was bad...UGH! You guys deserve medals! And a vacation! Wow! What a way to end the year! What a way to begin the new!

    Hope things are less rocky from here on out!

  2. wow you have been through so much the last couple of days. hoping that you continue to feel better and you get more energy back.

  3. Oh girl, what a whirlwind!!! Praying your Hubby gets the strength to tackle the projects so you can have your house back too. I am glad to hear babies cooperated and let you sleep! Hoping the days to come are VERY uneventful!

  4. My have experienced a lot of exhausting things lately. I hope you get to feeling better and get some good rest (and the hubs too). Thinking of you and the snowflakes. xoxo

  5. Wow woman! You are amazing! I hope all gets better and you both get needed rest!

  6. I didn't know bedrest was so action packed! :) Feel better!

  7. Wow- I am at a loss for words. How are you even able to keep up with anything!? I hope you get more of that much needed rest over the next few days and weeks and that the babies get a good long stay in their safe and warm little home!

  8. You poor thing.. I happy to hear the babies are doing good... Hope you hubby heals quickly so he can help with you with your two blessings..

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother
    Amazing Salvation
    Kelly's Ideas

  9. That is a nightmare and I'm so sorry all of that happened! Snowflakes--stay put! You have a few more weeks to be comfy and cozy inside, it's super cold where you live right now, hold out for a slight temp increase!

    Sending you love and prayers for no more illnesses (for anyone)!!!

  10. Oh my goodness! You know you have had such a wild and crazy couple of weeks. I am hoping everything slows down to give you the rest you will be needing.

    I too have been sick. It is the worst when you are pregnant. You are already tired and stressed.

  11. Oh my goodness, you have been through so much again!!! I am so sorry.
    I hope and pray everything starts to ease up so you can rest and get better.

    Love ya!

    P.S thanks for the info on Birni

  12. Oh my goodness...I am exhausted just reading all of that and cannot imagine how truly exhausted you must be enduring it all.

    Praying that things settle down for all of you soon...and that your little snowflakes continue to remain healthy...

  13. I think exhausted is an understatement!! So glad that the babies are doing great.

  14. Oh my goodness, Kristin!! Huge hugs to you, girl! And yes, please, those snowflakes need to stay put for a little bit longer!
    I've just read most of your blog out to my hubs and we laughed so sympathetically. His comment to you guys is that you must have run over the same "chinaman" as we did. I don't think our drama's compare (I think you're definitely doing it way tougher that's for sure, my girl!) but as far as it being just one thing after another then we're totally getting that right now. I think it's time for the universe to give you (and us!) a total break now!!


  15. Oh my gracious! Kristin, honey, you and hubs have had a nightmare time of it! So glad the snowflakes are doing well though and I hope you're feeling better soon. Also hope your hubby is not in too much pain after the saw incident. Praying things settle down for you guys soon!

  16. So sorry for all the misfortunes you have been experiencing. Very happy to hear snowflakes are hanging in there and giving you time to get your home ready for them! Keeping you in my prayers...jenlar3

  17. Oh have been through so much. I hope and pray things ease up and the rest of your pregnancy is peaceful.

  18. I just sent you a card today and didn't realize what all you have been through! I am really sorry. Goodness - I hope the drama has settled down and you can rest, rest, rest. Love & hugs....

  19. Gah, coping with twins will be a doddle after all this! (yeah right)

    Wishing you and yours quieter days.

  20. Oh my Kristin! I have lurked for a while but after this post I finally had to say something... I am SO SORRY you have been through so much in the last two weeks. Please hang in there... you too, Snowflakes!

    I had no clue about the lightbulbs, but I am 11 weeks along and am going to dispose of all of the ones I have TONIGHT.

    All my best to you.

  21. I hope that rest will come deserve a break. Hang in there.

  22. I am not surprised you are exhausted, but glad your snowflakes are okay

  23. Just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you and your snowflakes, hang in there!

  24. Hope you are doing well...follow you on twitter and we are the same amount of weeks pregnant so I am always keeping you in my thoughts.

  25. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry that you've had such a crazy time. Sending thoughts for a calm few weeks ahead of you!

  26. That is absolutely horrendous! :( Hope you are feeling much better. xxxx