Friday, October 14, 2011

16th Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo

Welcome to the Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo, a place to celebrate the amazing children who have come into our lives after loss, and to strengthen our bond as a community of Rainbow parents.

Every Friday we can gather here to share our little ones' triumphs, brag like the proud parents that we are, and yes ... even own up to our epic fails in parenting (all in good fun of course) via links to our own blogs with posts about any and everything Rainbow from the week.

Feel free to grab the button from the sidebar and help spread the word. Let's bring this Rainbow parenting community together.

I will go first...

Bubba's big on the DaDa thing right now. He also scrunches his nose and makes a funny face that appeared out of nowhere yesterday and has been cracking me up. Squeaks has cut her first two teeth. They both sit up well on their own now, though only for a few minutes at a time, and we are still working on the solids and sleeping through the night thing.

Here is a fun little video I captured of them when were driving home from the Ped's yesterday. Hubs was driving, have no fears, I wouldn't be videoing if I was! Don't mind the food on their faces - a failed attempt at feeding them sweet potatoes while in the car so they wouldn't have to wait till we were home. Yeah... didn't go so well. Also learned a valuable lesson on that car ride... sippy cups still do spill! Bubba got more water on his shirt than in his mouth! We still have to do some work on that one.


So that is what Bubba and Squeaks
have been up to this week...

What have your rainbows been doing?

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A side note: As a way to honor her third birthday, I have entered the Reader's Digest "Your Life" Contest with an entry about my experience mothering Peyton. The voting is open until November 15th, and you can vote once a day. It would mean a great deal to me to get Peyton's story in Reader's Digest. I am currently ranked in second place. Can you please help me out by visiting this link and casting your vote for my entry. Thank you so much!


  1. That video is soooo adorable! Our rainbow baby (Amy)is 5 1/2 months old, so I love checking up on what Bubba and Squeaks are up to, so I know what to expect in the next few weeks :) I liked your last post, too- about the reality of the busy-ness among the gratefulness! Seeing your snowflakes makes me smile- thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Just checking in to see how the snowflakes have been doing. They are soooo adorable. You are truly blessed. God Is Good. Love Leah's Nana
    p.s. I couldn't vote for you. I have been voting for Courtney Roth who has an adorable baby named Tripp. Tripp has JEB just like my late granddaughter. We are trying to win so we can get some EB awareness going. Awareness equals a cure. Sorry Kristin, but EB awareness is so,so important to me as a grieving Nana. Take care!!