Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo.

Come Join The Fun!

**Possible trigger post as this deals with Rainbow babies.**

Has your Rainbow hit a milestone this week?
Starred in a cute video?
Done something adorable? Funny? Downright embarrassing?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, 
than you have come to the right place!

Welcome to the Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo, a place to celebrate the amazing children who have come into our lives after loss, and to strengthen our bond as a community of Rainbow parents.

Every Friday we can gather here to share our little ones' triumphs, brag like the proud parents that we are, and yes ... even own up to our epic fails in parenting (all in good fun of course) via links to our own blogs with posts about any and everything Rainbow from the week.

Feel free to grab the button from the sidebar and help spread the word. Let's bring this Rainbow parenting community together.

I will go first...

Rashes and Teething and Fevers Oh My!

My little Snowflakes have been a bit under the weather. It started with three days of out of the blue fussiness, followed by K breaking out in a head to toe rash and spiking his first fever. Then both babies developed barking coughs. Add some heavy teething to the mix, and it has been quite the week! Luckily my little Snowflakes didn't let it get them too down. We still had time for some fun photo shoots. The babies are really starting to interact and it is so much fun watching them with one another... 

Here are some of their favorite past times...

Sticking fingers in each other's ears...

and mouths...

Holding hands... (this is my favorite)

and chewing on each other's heads...

We had our four month checkup. Good news all around. My little H, who barely even hit the charts as of her two month checkup, has shot up like a weed, measuring in the 90th percentile for height! She is in the 50th for weight, at 13 lbs. 10 oz. K is measuring in the 75th for both height and weight, tipping the scales at a whopping 16 lbs. 4 oz. I have to say, exclusively breastfeeding these twins has been a real challenge for me physically and emotionally, so I am feeling pretty darn proud at the moment - especially since both my pediatrician and OB said it couldn't be done!

Okay, enough about us... 

Last week we had giggling Rainbows, potty training Rainbows, Rainbows finding their feet, Smiley video Rainbows, Walking Rainbows, and an Oxygen Free Rainbow. I can't wait to see what this week has in store for us. 

So tell me...
What have your Rainbows been up to this week?

To join in the fun, write a post on your own blog about what your Rainbow(s) has been up to this week, and then add the link to that post in the Linky widget below. 

Thanks for riding along on the rodeo!


  1. I love seeing these pictures of the little ones. Happy Friday Kristin and little snowflakes.

  2. I cannot imagine exclusively breastfeeding 2 babies. Good to you, it is difficult.

    Wow, 16 lbs? I think my Rainbow has some catching up to do.

    They are so adorable, I love seeing pictures of them together.

  3. Oh Kristin! They are SOO cute :) I love the one of them holding hands. Hope the fevers have subsided, they look like really happy babies!

  4. So cute and wow they are growing. Great job on breastfeeding 2. Such cute pics of them together.I love there little faces , so precious.
    What a cute blog hop.

  5. precious precious babies! xx

  6. I am awe of your breastfeeding prowess - well done you.

    I love the one of them holding hands but I have to say my favourite was the one of them biting heads! So cute.