Thursday, July 28, 2011

6th Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo

Has your Rainbow hit a milestone this week?
Starred in a cute video?
Done something adorable? Funny? Downright embarrassing?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, 
than you have come to the right place!

Welcome to the Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo, a place to celebrate the amazing children who have come into our lives after loss, and to strengthen our bond as a community of Rainbow parents.

Every Friday we can gather here to share our little ones' triumphs, brag like the proud parents that we are, and yes ... even own up to our epic fails in parenting (all in good fun of course) via links to our own blogs with posts about any and everything Rainbow from the week.

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I will go first...

Shhhhh! Babies Sleeping.

Yay! You may remember me mentioning a few weeks back about some of the momma struggles I was facing. Well it appears (crossing fingers as I type this) that the days of overly tired fusspots are over. Bubba and Squeaks are sleeping well, and we are ALL so much happier for it!

I wish I had a picture to share of this, but the idea of "possibly" waking them up to take a picture of them sleeping is just a little too risky for me.

We have had a heck of a time with the babies refusing to nap and refusing to sleep unless they were on the boob. I took some of the advice offered here, went and spoke to my pediatrician, and armed with a plan, went to work on getting them sleep trained during Wednesday's nap. 

All in all, things have been a success.

Sleep Log Thus Far:

Wednesday Nap - put the babies down. Squeaks fell right asleep. Bubba fussed a bit. I comforted him after timed intervals and it worked! 17 minutes into it he was asleep, and they both napped for 2.5 hours! They woke happy, and refreshed, and smiling.

Wednesday Evening - Same routine as at nap time. Bubba fell asleep after 6 minutes. Squeaks woke up and fussed. I patted her belly and she fussed another 5 minutes. I patted again, and noticed she was dirty. I changed her diaper, nursed her (not to sleep but just a little longer) and put her down and she went right out! They slept from 9PM-4AM when they woke for their next feed.

Thursday Naps: They took two 2 hour naps, no fussing.

Thursday Evening: Not even 5 minutes in Bubba was asleep, and after less than 10 minutes, Little Miss Squeaks was sleeping too! 

I have to tell you. I was really, really scared to try to sleep train them, and I know we still have a ways to go before we have this down pat, but while it was something I never would have imagined myself doing, seeing how well it has gone and how much happier they seem to be and how much more ready to play they are because of it, I am so grateful to have given it a try. 

So... that is what Bubba and Squeaks
have been up to this week...

What have your rainbows been doing?

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Thanks for riding along on the rodeo!


  1. Good for you sleep training the snowflakes. Hubby said it couldn't be done, but then I took matters into my own hands.

    Your little ones are growing up.

  2. Glad that is working out for you! We are trying something new today regarding sleeping, and we'll see how it goes. Look forward to hearing more about them next week!

  3. Beautiful Kids. I feel jealous of you sometimes, you have got two rainbows!
    BTW, i'm following you, hope you'll follow back!