Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snapshot of another life.

Pushing the stroller today,
as your little brother and sister looked up at me from behind curious eyes, 
an image came to mind. 

Of you.

Walking there alongside me. 
Your crooked brown pigtails bouncing. 
Laughter in your blue eyes.

I could see you there as the proud big sister.
Playing mother hen to the twins. 
Showing them off to passers by. 

"There are two," you might say, just in case someone hadn't noticed.

I imagined teaching you about the water coming over the waterfall beside me, 
pointing out things in the nature that surrounds us,
and singing songs to you the way I do with your siblings.

I could see how things might have been, 
had things been different. 

A snapshot of another life. 

A life where the five of us,
our complete family,
are all together.

And maybe we are, 
in some other space, 
in some other universe. 

Maybe we had to sacrifice being together here,
so that we could live in that snapshot there?


  1. I see our girls being big sisters. . . getting to do all the things we dream of them doing. Being part of our world here. But maybe, they are there together. That 'other' place where those who cannot stay go and wait, play and dance.

  2. HUGS! Thanks for sharing this. Wish Trey were here to share in the birth of his sister! :(

  3. This is beautiful. <3 ((hugs))

  4. Peyton would be a fabulous big sister.

  5. I have these exact thoughts often, that other life feels so real, and I too imagine maybe somewhere out there it is.

  6. I think of my other life. I know we must all be together out there, somewhere.

  7. i often think of that alternate universe, where my little boy is getting ready to turn 1, and i have no idea what it means to live everyday burdened by grief.

  8. I think of this sentiment so often. Maybe too often. xoxo -Malory

  9. Sigh...such a beautiful thought.

  10. What a beautiful image. I'm sure that she shows them off to all her Angel friends. She's a proud big sister.