Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Didn't see that one coming.

Every once in a while I think I am going to post valuable Instructions on Life as I encounter them. The babies and I are battling thrush, so we have to take extra precautions with all of their nipples and pacifiers between feedings. So, for my first installment of Instructions on Life - How To Sterilize Nipples.

  1. Be sure to start your morning on little to no sleep
  2. Place nipples and pacifiers in pot of water.
  3. Place pot on the stove and turn to high.
  4. Allow to reach a rolling boil.
  5. Walk away.
  6. Get distracted by massive double blow out on first attempts at cloth diapering.
  7. Smell something "funny."
  8. See that the house has filled with plastic-y smoke.
  9. Freak out.
  10. Move to fresh air.
  11. Spend the next two days worrying about the possible toxic after affects of what has happened.

Follow the above directions, and you, too, can have this masterpiece in your collection.


  1. Oh my goodness!! You need those Medela steam bags. Quick and easy with no collateral damage :).

  2. Oh Kristin. I am so sorry. I saw your post on FB but this photo really adds to it. YIKES! So, I would be freakin out too.

    Hang in there with the CD (cloth diapers). . . sposies have blow outs too. We have all been there and the joy of finding yourself covered in poo as you desperately try and clean a baby. Yuck. But it will be a great story in another 20 or so years! One you will be able to laugh at.

  3. Looks like you totally killed the germs. That's taken care of! I'm so sorry for the headache it must have caused you but thanks for the chuckle!

  4. You are so not the only one to have done this. After my first attempt at sterilizing nipples/trying to burn the house down, I went and bought these little microwavable nipple sterilizing bags from Target. Awesome invention!

  5. Oh no!!!! Not a great way to start a day! I hope you three are feeling better. I received the journal....it's so pretty. My 6yo continues to try to bargain with me for it. She thinks it would make a perfect sketch book for the car:).

  6. I know it probably seemed quite stressful at the time, but I hope you had good laugh about it later. Oh, the adventures in parenthood. In one week, I was doing laundry and managed to use the last of our bleach on a load of nothing but water, then ended up making sugar water instead of sweet tea. Hope you and the snowflakes are doing well. :) Trey's Mommy (Sharon)

  7. Boy does that bring back memories. Over thirty years ago we had that happen to us. It was with a dishwasher and a nipple fell on the heating element. We grabbed our son and ran out of the house thinking our house was on fire. Had a good laugh about it later.

  8. LOLOL...well, you must laugh about it. Welcome to motherhood. I would love to burn the nipples if I could for Lola.

  9. Awww honey, we've all done these things, and I hope you don't mind, I did have a chuckle about this, it's just so great to hear you dealing with life with your babies.
    A few months ago I did leave a pan of pasta sauce simmering on my stove top and only remembered it as I was picking up the boys from school! We have never run back from school so quickly, and the pan that greeted me was not too disimilar to yours. :0)

  10. Oh my. I'm glad yall made it out ok. I hope the stress eases for you soon, and that you are more able to laugh about it. :-)

  11. Oh dear. I did this several times while going through the puree stage and boiling up a few vegetables for Angus. On more than one occasion, the smoke alarm would go off, letting me know I'd ruined another pot!

  12. OMG...Can I laugh? Will it lighten the mood? I happened to me 14 years ago. We are moms, we are not perfect.
    Take care of yourself....sleep is still a luxury (for me) after 7 months.

  13. To funny!
    It seems that when you give birth you loose part of you brain! :) I forget things quit often myself!

    Once I was filling the utility sink to clean a baby booster/high chair.....the stapes were all yucky. I forgot I had the sink pluged and the water going. A neighbor boy knocked on my door and asked me if there was supost to be water running out from my garage door and down the drive way!???? HUMMMM

    Peace and Love,

  14. Oh my!!! Thats not good.

    Two words for you babe. Microwave steamer. MUCH easier. Lol.

  15. Oh wow, that's even worse than I imagined!

  16. Same thing happened to me too. I wish it has happened with someone else, so that I could shout at them, that brings some *peace* to me. But now when its with me, whom can I blame? THat brings in more stress!!