Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week of Giveaways - Day 4

Welcome to our Week of Giveaways Day 4

Nineteen of you commented yesterday that you wanted to win the Fuzzibunz red size XS pocket diaper. I put the numbers in at and the winner is commenter with lucky number 7! Another Ashley! That is amazing, two different Ashleys have won prizes this week! Ashley, simply email me your address at doinggoodinhername(at)gmail(dot)com and I will be happy to get this little diaper out in the mail to you.

Today's Giveaway!

I am very excited for today's giveaway because we are going to be doing a THIS or THAT giveaway, meaning two fabulous prizes will be up for the giveaway and the winner gets to choose whether they want THIS or THAT.

Have you ever had someone whose writing or artwork has really spoken to you along your own journey? I have, and that is why I wanted to share with you all the work of someone who continually inspires me. That is Angie. She is one half of The Kenna Twins, but you may know her best from her site Still Life 365. 

Angie is an amazing writer, blogger, and artist. She created this beautiful piece for my writing room last year:

This item is not part of my giveaway... Mine :)

The THIS item:
It is a customized "she's not an angel, she's my baby" painting by Angie. Here is an example of how this painting might look:

Angie writes:

This is a customized watercolor painting of "She's not an angel". It is not for a specific painting shown here. I can personalize this in any way you want. Indicate in the instructions about what you would like, i.e., haircolor on mama, even color of dress, whether baby is a boy or girl, and if you want the phrase to say something different (like "Mary is not an angel. She was my baby.") Otherwise, I will use a color and mood that moves me and the phrase listed.

The THAT item:
A beautiful handmade Kenna Twins purse. 

This quirky, fun purse has two different 100% cotton prints on the outside and a green 100% cotton duck cloth on the inside with a pocket. It also has a small cell phone pocket on the outside. It has a two tab closure with a plastic button. All the fabric and thread are 100% cotton.

Straps-28 1/2" long; 1 7/8" wide
Width-12 1/4"
Height-8 1/4"
Depth- 2"

How To Enter:

To play along, just leave a comment below and let me know at what stage of my blogging life you began reading along. Not specific dates, of course, more along the lines of "I started to follow when you were first TTC" or "I am a new follower." If you are a lurker, please play along too. You can do so under Anonymous. It's a sort of fun way for me to get to know you all. 

Tomorrow I will pick a winner using's lucky number generator and post it here at 10AM EST with my next item. 

**A few housekeeping notes:

Doing Good In Her Name is currently seeking donations of children's books to build a bookshelf for use at Danbury Hospital's brand new NICU. Our hope is that these books will help to make the stay for these families a little more pleasant. The books are for children of all ages, as they can be read to NICU patients, and their siblings. At the end of their stays, they will be welcome to take the books home with them. We are collecting books through June and are still quite a far ways out from our goal. If you can help at all, please visit here. All donations are tax deductible.

Exhale Magazine's first visual arts contests was too close to call, so we are asking our readers to vote for their favorites by voting on Exhale's facebook page. Simply "like" your favorite to cast your vote. This voting continues through June 1st.


  1. Im loving the painting, wow its beautiful!

    i started following you after your IVF failure!

  2. I started following when you were trying to concieve with the snowflakes!
    Congrats on the new babies!

    I love the art piece! The butterflies are beautiful. I just had a miscarriage in January...I'm so into butterflies now!


  3. Wow - the paintings are beautiful and so expressive.

    I started following you just before Peyton's first birthday. Peyton was born around the same time as my son and many of her expressions remind me of my daughter. I am always drawn to that. In addition, your words express so many of my feelings that I cannot express.

  4. I actually just started following your blog recently because you're in the rainbow mammas group on fb with me :)

  5. WOW! Those paintings are beyond beautiful.

    I started reading your blog a long time ago (before you were TTC or doing IVF) but lost the site when our computer died. I just found it again a couple months before the snowflakes were born.

  6. I started reading your blog before you got pregnant with the snowflakes. I spent hours and went back and read your entire blog because the way that you wrote just sounded exactly what I was feeling in my heart and just couldn't put it into words. Thank you for helping me through many dark hours.

  7. That purse is super cute. I started following recently but I have been reading since right after you lost Peyton.

  8. I am a newer follower I found your blog after I lost my baby in february.

  9. I started following you right after Peyton's death...before you even knew that your fallopian tubes had been damaged during the c-section. (I remember those details because other than being a BLM, I am also an L & D nurse!)

    By the way, I LOVE that saying on the painting, she wasn't an angel...she was my daughter!

  10. I'm a pretty new follower, since the snowflakes were born. I saw the update on another blog I read regularly and came to read and have been following along ever since.

  11. Beautiful, just beautiful. I became a follower when you were probably 6 months prego with the snowflakes.

  12. Thanks for thinking of us!
    I love "THAT" item.
    I started following you sometime after Peyton passed and before the snowflakes were born.
    Maybe around May 2010.
    Love your blog.

  13. I really like the bag and your painting. *I wish your painting was up for this give away! :)

    I started to follow your journey some time around IVF. Well to be absolute it was in the summer of 2010...shortly after I lost TanaLee. (June 2010)


  14. I started following when you were doing the IVF transfer for your snowflakes.

  15. I am a newer follower. I started following right before the snowflakes were born. I have since went back and read your blog from the beginning. You are a remarkable person!

  16. I love the bag! I started following your blog about 15 months ago before you became pregnant with your beautiful twins. I also have boy/girl twins (mine are 10 now), but reading about your precious children brings back so many memories!

    Thank you for sharing through your blog!

  17. I was sent over shortly after the snowflakes were born as well. Thank you for sharing, and the lovely giveaways!!

  18. I started reading about 1 1/2 years ago I believe. I'm not 100% sure. I know you and your babies (all of them, including Peyton)have been prayed for many, many times since I started following your blog.

  19. I started reading after you were expecting the snowflakes, but I went back and read all your past posts. Your story has helped me. (No need to enter me, just wanted to answer your question. :))

  20. I think I started following very early on. Hard to remember, I've been reading these blogs for so long now. Sigh.
    Great giveaway this one is!

  21. I started reading when right before you began expecting your snowflakes.

  22. i started following at some point when you were this giveaway by the way!

  23. Love both . . . I don't remember when I started reading, well before TTC. Great question though

  24. I don't remember when I started following, but it was a long time ago!! Obviously I'm more of a lurker!

    I <3 the painting AND the purse! haha But if I win I will be forced to pick one over the other. Hmm...

  25. I'm a lurker-I stumbled across your blog for the first time the day you posted a photo of your multiple positive POAS tests with the snowflakes. I've enjoyed watching your sweet babies grow, and I've gone back to the beginning with Peyton to "get to know" you and your precious Peyton.

    I love the painting-there are days I'd want to get it out and wave it in people's faces (although that's frowned upon in lots of social circles). LOVE the bag.

    Alice Criswell
    Emory, TX

  26. I am a new follower (within the last three or four weeks) :]] You're very inspirational!

  27. Those paintings are beautiful!

    I miss painting. I feel like picking it back up would help the grief and stress, but I just can't make myself do it anymore.

    I'm relatively new, so the last few weeks or so.

  28. Ohhh, I love Angie's paintings and have been wanting one for almost two years!
    I've been following you pretty much since you started writing here... You were one of the first BLMs I met and I couldn't believe how we shared so many of the same experiences and feelings. I drew a lot of strength from your words in knowing that I wasn't alone. The last two yearrs have been such a whirlwind for us both... I am so glad to have met you and Peyton, and now her little siblings as well. XOXOXO

  29. I began following your blog shortly after you lost Peyton. I cried as you went through the darkest of days, and rejoiced when you became pregnant with the twins. Your blog has really touched my life, I am so glad that I found it.