Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today, while out with my husband and parents, an oddly dressed woman approached us.
"I am a Shaman," she said as she reached us. "I look at people and can see things about them."
My parents had been speaking with another woman about some fundraising that she was doing to assist a local homeless shelter, and asking them to donate. At the news that a spiritual advisor was nearby, this woman jumped forward excitedly asking the Shaman to do a reading for her. The Shaman told of her future, of her health and family, of things to come; and all the while, the woman being read nodded in agreement, broke into smiles, and seemed genuinely happy with what she was being told.
"She's spot on," the woman said, "she was exactly right!"
"Do her next," my mother said smiling and pointing at me, "what do you see for her?"
The Shaman turned towards me and I offered her nothing. I said nothing. Deep down I hoped she would say something like, "your daughter is at peace" or "she says to tell you that she knows how much you love her." I hoped she would give me some hope, some relief from the burden this guilt and loss has placed over me.
The Shaman sized me up from top to bottom, and then looking quite sure of her intuition, began to speak.
"Well, I can tell you have been very happy lately..." she began, and the false hope placed on her words were lost. I am sure she said more, but I was no longer listening. Could any statement possibly have been farther from the truth?


  1. I suffered 3 miscarriages before I had my boys and I never quite got over the pain and anguish. I hope and pray that through blogging, you'll find some relief and comfort over your loss. I've made wonderful online friends from all over the world and their support and friendship are priceless.
    BTW, thanks for the follow. I'm now following your lovely blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate your insight and thoughts.

  3. That's 'cause I wasn't there ;).

    Sometimes these folks speak of the near-future. I went for a reading many years ago, and whatever the woman said made absolutely no sense to me. I was in one of the worst periods of my life, so I thought that getting a reading was a good way to bring some light into a craphole.

    Well, I have to say that the woman who read me was right. Even ten years later, some of the names and predictions she'd given me have manifested in folks I know and situations I've been in.

    You're a success to me. But you never know; maybe something is coming that will make you very happy :)!

  4. "a good way to bring some light into a craphole" is the perfect way to describe what I was hoping would come out of it.

  5. Hello! I found you through a comment you left on one my friend's blogs. I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter... I too lost my daughter, in April. She was born with a terminal disorder, and we had no idea she was so sick until the day she was born. Life after losing her has been difficult, to say the least. It's a struggle to go on, but I've found some wonderful support online which I will be forever thankful for.

  6. How far off can one get?

    Anyway, I guess it's just as well, if she was a fake, to get it out there from the beginning. Still, I'm sorry...