Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This post will make you feel better about yourself...

Ever have one of those If I don't laugh I'll cry moments?
This whole morning has gone like that.

Squeaks has a stomach bug. It is not even 9AM and here is how this morning has gone so far.

Woke to learn that she had blown out her entire bed (thankfully it was Hubs who discovered this, and not me, so I was spared the cleanup.)

He brought both children to me to breastfeed. In the mornings we breastfeed laying down where essentially they are each laying in the crook of my arm as they feed. It's really sweet cuddle time... usually. 

A minute or two into our feed Squeaks started to projectile vomit all over me. Because of her location in the crook of my arm (essentially laying ON my arm) and Bubba on my other arm, I was pinned. She proceeded to vomit about nine times - in my face, across my boobs, into my armpit, under my back, all over my bed - you get the picture.

I cleaned her up. Scrubbed our mattress with vinegar and baking soda and decided to take a shower (because, as you will recall, I was covered in vomit) and that's when it hit me - we were now out of clean towels.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. It's not funny but I'm sorry, I did laugh...hope she feels better!

  2. Oh dear! Hope poor Squeaks is better soon. Me and Sunnyboy both had a horrid stomach bug a couple of weeks ago, perfectly timed with our washing machine being broken! Not pleasant ;)

  3. Yikes...Hope she feels better soon.
    We had a similar moment yesterday and, for once, I was happy that we're in the hospital, so that someone else could deal with changing the bed while I got myself and my little Kangaroo-cub cleaned up...

  4. Oh no, poor baby!!! I pray that she gets to feeling better and that baby boy nor anyone else in the house gets it.

  5. oy! mama needs some TLC after that one!

  6. Oh goodness!! The good news is that tomorrow will inevitably be better. Along the same lines, it sounds like you got all the rough parts February had in store for you out in one morning. I hope she feels better, and I hope you take a much needed peaceful bubble bath!

  7. The silver lining is often comical! HUGS!

  8. Oh no no no no no no no! one day you will look back and laugh. For right now, I will just giggle from the other side of the monitor. (hugs)

  9. No clean towels??? Arrrrghhhh!!! Lol.