Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm still standing... er... sitting/laying

10 days. It's been 10 days since my little Peyton celebrated her second birthday in the stars, and I had my big bleeding fiasco. I have spent these days on modified bed rest, trying to free my mind from the worries that come with continued bleeding while pregnant. I've tried books, movies, surfing the internet, but the reality is that every trip to the bathroom is a reminder of this stupid SCH, and until it's presence is no longer so evident, freeing my mind from worry is not too likely.

For the most part I have put my energies into finding info that builds my optimism. I read a study saying that the risks of SCH's associated with IVF are much lower, so I have that going for me, and the vast majority of SCH women that I see on the online boards are still kickin', though there are other boards, boards that talk about loss from SCH, and as a means of self protection, I just try to ignore their existence.

I think the babies are trying to help me through this too. Though I have felt the odd "roll" here or there, being 14 weeks along, movement is not super evident as of yet, and the comfort one can get in these situations from a kick count is not yet an option for me. That being said, last night I felt quite the movement from my little baby B, and this morning, Baby A gave me what I think was the first jab of this pregnancy, and a welcome little jab in the side at that. I like to think they are saying, "don't worry mom, we are here, we are fine."

I felt Peyton begin to flutter at 14 weeks, so I guess it is not completely outside the realm of possibility with two of them in there, and my uterus being so incredibly tipped, that I should start to feel their movements ramp up in the coming days/weeks. What a blessing each movement is, a reminder that this is not for naught, and they are fine, and happy, and playing around inside of me.

I have a routine as I prepare for bed each night, of laying down shirt lifted, my eyes on my stomach just watching for the slightest movement, where I rub my belly, and remind them over and over how very loved they are, and how very wanted they are, and that it would be a really good idea to do whatever they can do to stick around and thrive.

This level of bedrest that I am on (bed to couch to bed with a few trips to bathroom and kitchen in between) is an indefinite situation, and my house is really starting to show the effects of that. I should mention that when it comes to house cleaning, I am a bit OCD. There are ways that I do things, very particular ways, ways that have been set in stone in the ten years of hubs and I living together (barring my brief absence from interest in caring for anything the year after Peyton died)  and since I have been instructed not to bend/lift/push/pull anything, poor hubs has had to pick up all the household slack before and after putting in a day at work. Sure, he doesn't do it the way I would do it, but he tries nonetheless and it's an effort that I truly appreciate.

I have to say that of all his new responsibilities, I find his efforts at dinner time to be the cutest. For the better part of our decade together, he has never had to think about what to have for dinner or trying to prepare meals. Sure, he has grilled some meat that I took out for him here or there, maybe cooked up some spaghetti, but for the most part these duties have fallen on me, and to see him present his little "man feasts" with such pride is just adorable.

In the past week and a half I have been treated to the finest in bachelor cuisine: taco salad, mac n' cheese, a really not very good chicken in peanut butter thing, a pb& j sammich, and last night, grilled cheese. Each meal is presented with a look of pride and a huge grin and I just smile and tell him it is delicious and "the best pb&j I have ever had" and he beams in appreciation, and that's all that matters. (Well, except for the chicken peanut butter thing, we were both in agreement that that tasted pretty awful.)

I guess that is really it then. I wish I had something more exciting to report, but life on bedrest fundamentally lacks any level of excitement. Please know how appreciative that hubs and I feel for all the prayers that have been sent to our little snowflakes lately. I will leave you today with some pictures of Peyton's birthday party. Though we were not able to be there, we are so appreciative that my Aunt took pictures for us. Like I mentioned earlier, it means a lot that our friends continued the celebration in her honor without us.

****EDIT - per hubs special request, he has asked that I clear his good name, and mention to the world, that last week he "attempted" to make chicken and dumplings... err... the dumplings were good.

Thanks to my sister for hosting the party at the last minute.


  1. Your husband sounds so sweet! I love the pictures from Peyton's party. I am still praying for you and the babies. They sound like they strong little ones!

  2. I am so very glad that you and the babies are hanging in there. Your husband's efforts sound so very sweet. I am continuing to pray for you guys.

    The pictures of Peyton's party just touched my heart.

  3. What lovely photos! So glad that your family was able to continue with Peyton's celebration... I'm sure that means so much to you.


  4. Great pictures. I can't imagine if I had to depend on hubby to do everything at our house!! It would certainly be hilarious, though he's a pretty good cook, but I'd weigh 100 lbs b/c he cooks fatty south LA fair! Lifting up your snowflakes and praying that you have some peace in the meantime!

  5. Great photos! I was on bedrest at the end of my first pregnancy and was tortured, um, I mean sustained by my husband's efforts at housekeeping and dinner. I believe when I went to be induced they asked what I had had the night before and I was like--um, Pizza or was it Chinese?! (Cuz by the end, it was just too much to try to eat his cooking!) Sounds like your hubs is doing a pretty good job so far!

    Hang in there! :-)

  6. Last night we ate mac and cheese with tomato soup.. ???? but Gotta love them for it!!! I'm right there with you only I still have to go to work (ie: sit on chair all day) hang in there!

  7. Love the photos!!! What a blessing your family is.
    Your hubs is wonderful, what a awesome person. Sorry you have to be on bedrest but I am sure it will all be worth it. Praying for you guys always.

  8. Her cake looks so delicious!!

    Aw, how sweet your hubby sure tries with the dinner! A for effort!! :)

  9. I just had to chuckle at your recent dinners. I've been presented with some interesting cuisine, too.

    I know you wish you could have been there for Peyton's party. But just looking at the pictures you shared, will all of those people who love Peyton and you and your husband... it actually brings me to tears.

    I'm glad you are doing well, and I think it's amazing you're feeling your little snowflakes already!

    Keep taking good care of yourself... and I'm sending a no-more-bleeding vibe out there in the universe for you!

  10. Love the photos of Peyton's party and it looks a beautiful tribute to a beautiful baby. I am just so narked that you couldn't be their and were so stressed on that day and since to add to all you have been through.

    I can imagine bed rest being very demoralising after a while and hope that you find strategies to get you through.

    And more important than anything that you get to see these two babies give you grandchildren and all the other memories that their lives would bring you.

  11. The pictures from Peyton's party are just beautiful. Truly, truly just beautiful. I have to say that I am spoiled, spoiled, spoiled because John has such gourmet tastes (and likes to cook) that he pretty much insists on cooking so he can make sure his stomach is treated JUST the way he wants it. Which pays off for me! But you are right...it is adorable to see them so pleased with themselves.

    Keeping you and those sweet little snowflakes in my prayers every, every day!

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  13. Loving your family and friends for all the support they gave you.

    Sending your hubby a great big hug for giving it his all.

  14. What a wonderful birthday party for Peyton!! Even if you couldn't be there, Peyton was honoured in a beautiful way by those who loved her. I don't want to say anything bad here, but please send a thought to my friend in Krakow Poland, who is battling alongside her baby girl against leukemia. Cecilia is turning 1 year old on Tuesday. I don't know what kind of leukemia she has, but she is being prepared for a BMT. I am so saddened by this terrible situation, and am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Anna