Thursday, May 14, 2009

(Mother's) Day

Where I had imagined breakfast in bed,
I found only tears on my pillow.
Where I had imagined flowers and a card,
I found only flowers on her grave.
Where I had imagined a home of happy chaos and noise,
I found only weeping through silence.
Where I had imagined my child at my chest,
I found only emptiness and aching.
Where I had imagined Motherhood celebrated,
I found only another painful reminder of loss.
~Kristin Binder

1 comment:

  1. I just read ur entire blog and wanted to come back to this post because I remembered there were no comments. This is a beautuful and heartbreaking post. I am so sorry u had to lose ur beautiful baby. Im so sorry she had cancer. I am thankful that u have shared her with the world and u continue to honor her memory so beautifully. Ive never met ur sweet angel bbut I miss her and wish I could do something to bring her back to u. Your beautiful daughter Peyton has a place in my heart now and always will. God bless u and ur family .